What can I do in Soulka.com?
The first thing you have to do to do is to create your user account to join the community Soulka.com.
Then you can:
  • share travel experiences with photos, videos and audio files with the rest of the community,
  • find information on destinations and travel experiences of other users
  • meet people and make friends
  • send and receive messages from other users
  • comment on the travel of other community users
  • qualify trips to visit,
  • report the travel that you consider inappropriate
  • read travel news,
  • invite your friends to join Soulka.com and you see your travel experience on the site.
What are you waiting to register?

How do I register in Soulka.com?
To register in Soulka.com you must be older than 18 years. Then you have to complete your name, and last name, mail address, password, gender and date of birth on the main page of Soulka.com. Once this is done, you will receive an email to activate your account, follow the link provided and start being part of the world's largest network of gay and lesbian travel.
Have you already checked your inbox?
Visit the "how to register" tour for more details see video

Do I have to pay to sign up in Soulka.com?
No, Soulka.com registration is free. All Soulka.com tools are free for users from the community.

I cannot see the email in my mailbox to activate my Soulka.com account, what should I do?
It is possible that the mail to activate your account logged into the "Spam" (spam) folder. If after 24 hours you don't receive the email to activate your account, please contact us to info@soulka.com

What if I forgot the password?
You have to follow the link "forgot password?" in the header homepage Soulka.com, then complete your mail and receive your new password accessing Soulka.com in your email inbox.

Do I need to register to use the site?
No, as a visitor you can see the travel experiences that users have shared in Soulka.com and the news published by the administrators. But you can't share your own trips, vote and leave comments in other travels, you cannot make friends and send or receive messages from other users. To fully enjoy Soulka.com you should create your own user account..

Is my personal email visible for other users?
No, no user or site visitor can access to view your personal mail.

How do I load a trip?
Very easy, you have to follow the steps in the travel flap, and you'll see how simple and fast is to travel!!! Visit the "trip charge" tour for more details see video

If I traveled with a friend, can I share the travel edition of Soulka.com with him?
Yes, absolutely. In the last step of loading a trip, you must select the option to invite your friends in Soulka.com to edit the trip with you.
It's what you were expecting! The joint edition with your travel mates!

Once a trip is charged, can I edit it?
Yes, you can edit the trip as often as you like. Visit the "edit trip" tour for details see video

How do I see the travel experiences of users from the community?
To find and view the travel experiences of users of Soulka.com you do not need to be a registered user. Simply complete in the search box the name of the destination you would like to know about and follow the link "search". If you want to refine your search you can go to the "advanced search" link.
Travel with Soulka.com from your computer to the destination you choose!
Visit the "advanced search" tour for more details see video

How do I make friends in Soulka.com?
In the option "find friends on the site", you can search for your friends already registered at Soulka.com by entering their name or surname.
Are you already looking for your friends? Enjoy the tools of Soulka.com!
Visit the "find friends" tour for more details see video

Could I know if my email contacts are already registered in Soulka.com as a user?
Yes, In the option "search for friends by email or social networks", you have to select the link of your email provider, then you must complete your email username and password and click on "search friends", so you'll know if some of your email contacts are already registered in Soulka.com.
Don´t waste time!!! Start building your contacts network in Soulka.com!!!
Visit the tour to "find friends" for more details see video

How do I invite friends if I only have their email?
In the option "invite friends by email" you can send a message through Soulka.com to any friend by simply placing his e-mail. Your friend will receive an email from Soulka.com indicating that he's been invited to join the community and visit your travels. In this email it will only be informed your user name.
Visit the "find friends" tour for more details see video

Do not forget to visit the Sulka.com tour to take a look at the site working!!! go to tours

Delay no more, create your user account and begin to share your travel experiences with Soulka.com´s community!!!